A Brief on Internet Trolls or Why Ken M is My Hero

So the internet has lots of dark, scary places where words and language becomes a weapon. Whether it be the darker side of reddit or someone who just takes dank memes too far, the internet can sometimes be an unwelcoming place.

Language is also constantly evolving in webspace, for example: I still have no idea what “Fleek” actually means, but it is apparently a thing. I figure I’ll learn how to use is linguistically, eventually, just as I learned how to appropriately use “Kappa,” “OMGScoots,” and “Bort” when I picked up Twitch.

Even the internet trolls evolve with time–becoming harsher, crasser, and just plain uninspired.

Full Disclosure: I was an internet troll back in the day. And now I want these amateurish noobs off my damn lawn. No creativity goes into doxing someone or making them fear for their safety. Back in my day (insert old, wizened voice here), we were clever and we were funny. It wasn’t about hurting people, but it was about poking fun. And that kind of trolling can be very difficult to find.

Let me introduce you to Ken M.

Ken M. or Horseysurprise on Tumblr travels around the internet and engages with other people in the comments sections of blog posts and articles.

He plays on people’s assumptions and leads them to engage him. He then leads them through a journey of ridiculousness for his own entertainment.

At the end, there’s usually a punchline so that even the person on the receiving end can get in on the joke.

Sometimes, though, people get a little too into being right on the internet. This makes for some hilarious exchanges.

I like to think at the end everyone “gets” the joke.

Regardless, Ken M is the kind of internet troll that makes the internet a fun place. So, thank you, Ken M. And if you ever Google yourself and find your way here, please leave me a comment.

*Note: All pictures ripped shamelessly from Ken M.’s tumblr account.


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