This Is Why I Never Trust My GM

Pen and paper games are delightful.

In particular, I love Shadowrun, Alternity, and Exalted. Most of my readers probably haven’t heard of the games I just mentioned, but you probably have heard of Dungeons & Dragons. Similar concepts.

The long and short is you, the player, along with others are presented with a situation within a particular fantasy world. You create a character according to the specific parameters of the game’s design and then you pretend to be that character and explore and/or react to the situation the person running the game creates.

It’s a dorky thing…

But it’s also very creative.

What is interesting about these games is that they tend to quantify rhetorical ability. How persuasive you are in a given situation boils down to your charisma, willpower, and/or intelligence–all of which tend to be given numeric values. And then you and whomever you are attempting to sway roll dice and if your numbers are higher than their numbers, you win. But, depending on your GM (game master), you can also get extra points if you get creative with your delivery both inside the game and out of the game. Which can be a little meta, but very entertaining.

But sometimes… The GM just likes to be a dick.

Case in point:

Sometimes you’ll get a GM who swears that they are not actively trying to kill your character(s). They are liars. All of them. Never trust them. >.>

Seriously. Don’t.


Thoughts or Questions?

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