Five Books Every English Major Should Read

Alright my darlings, welcome to my first–and possibly only–collaborative post with two of my classmates: Patrick and Callie! Yaaaay!

We’ve chosen five books that will help you, the aspiring English Major, succeed in classroom writing and literary analysis.

1. On Writing by Stephen King

On Writing allows you to peek inside the mind of a highly successful writer, learn how to initiate your own writing, and read tips on what works and what doesn’t.

2. Understanding Style by Joe Glaser

Once you are familiar with what works and what doesn’t when writing and have something on the page, this book will help you develop your own voice without the need to compare yourself to other writers.

3. Reading Literature Like a Professor by Thomas Foster

Like the title implies, this book takes a whimsical look into the minds of your potential professors–scary right? But also helpful if you want to be able to engage in classroom discussions of reading assignments.

4. Understanding Comics by Scott McCloud

While number three can help you get into the minds of your literature professors, this book can help you apply that deep analysis to a medium that often gets neglected and treated as superfluous in academia: Comic Books! And who doesn’t like comics?

5. Critical Theory Today by Lois Tyson

We’re going to wrap up our list with Critical Theory Today, a corner stone in literary analysis. Critical Theory Today gives an in depth overview of the various lenses and varieties of critical theory often used in scholarship.

Read ’em. They’re useful. And just remember: Every major is terrible.


Thoughts or Questions?

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