A Lesson in Rhetorical Analysis: Imgur

So I’m fairly active on social media. And by fairly active I mean I lurk and observe without too much engagement. One of the places I have recently started to enjoy is Imgur. The comment section ( at least on the most viral section) tends to be less toxic than most comment sections. And there usually tends to be a pretty neat collection of images from around the internet. Most of the time there is something for everyone on the front page.

So this morning, like usual, I open imgur and spot a graphic on rhetoric and logical fallacies.

I skimmed through it, ready to favorite and forget, but then I read what the user who submitted it captioned it with:

It’s like when feminists say that they’re for equality… but the completely ignore suicide rates, ethnic diversity, those suffering economic hardships… “Hey let’s do a soup kitchen for women who are financially strapped! Hey you’re a man? FUCK OFF! NO SOUP FOR YOU!”

Oh so you think Feminism equals Equality?! Well what about racial disparity? How about the poor?! What about suicide rates? Let’s look at different fallacies in conversation, shall we?


Keep in mind my post from earlier this week on Poe’s Law. That being said, the comment section of Imgur did not disappoint in their response:








Within the first four posts, all of the issues that I had with the OP’s tag at the end of their post were made. Of course, keeping in mind Poe’s Law, we don’t know if this person was intentionally trying to get a rise out of the Imgur community or was legitimately sharing their thoughts on feminism.

Thoughts or Questions?

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