Game Rhetoric Appears in Real Life

So by now it is probably clear I have a fascination with how rhetoric in video games functions. For example, certain key tropes are often used to express desired actions and reactions from the player/audience. These tropes could be the use of colors in a particular, consistent (in terms of a single game) way, like as a signifier of level as compared to the player/audience. Green typically means just under a player’s level, yellow tends to mean right at the player’s level, and red usually means way above the player’s level (i.e. red means dead).

So imagine my amusement when I stumbled upon this gem:

What magical journey will this cat send me on if I accept their quest?

The use of light and dark images also tends to play a huge role in the responses by players in games, so much so that certain happenstance moments in real life pull players back into the rhetorically created mindset that they have when they play games.

So what are your thoughts? Do you have any real life moments that echo responses that are normally reserved for when you play games?


Thoughts or Questions?

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