Twitter Tuesday: @FGC_Bob_Ross

So I think that I’ll try something new. A weekly post on Tuesdays that features a twitter account that I find particularly amusing in some rhetorical way.

Today’s account is a complete gem: @FGC_Bob_Ross

This is a fairly new twitter account, likely spawned due to Twitch’s launch of a Bob Ross channel in honor of the painter’s birthday.

Most people are likely familiar with Bob Ross’s mellow way of painting on his show. His gentle demeanor made him open and receptive to his audience. In short, he inspired people to take up a paint brush and try. He knew that in order to improve at his craft you had to try and practice. And he encouraged people to do just that.

So this brings me back to @FGC_Bob_Ross. In a similar style to their nomenclature, they offer mellow advice to the fighting game community.

The person running this account managed to find the perfect balance between fighting game rhetoric and Bob Ross’s particular style of speech.

Being a gamer and someone who grew up with re-runs of Bob Ross’s television program, I found myself entered into a nostalgic amusement.

I really think it says something that a man who has been gone for 20 years still creates a resonance within a culture that really developed after he died. Certain areas of the internet have embraced the idea of Bob Ross-isms, the twitter account being featured shows a following of over 12K. That’s no small audience.

And while the account is humorous, that doesn’t necessarily exclude it from being sincere in its message.


Thoughts or Questions?

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