Twitter Tuesday: @GuyInYourMFA

As someone in an MFA program the twitter account @GuyInYourMFA speaks to me on a spiritual level.

If you are like me, you have suffered through creative writing classes where these individuals exist. They’re not always men, but they are always deserving of that incredulous look that you give them when they open their mouths to talk about writing.

This. This is the look.

The author of @GuyInYourMFA hits the nail on the head and it is soooooooo hilarious.

I mean, we’ve all read lines like this one while reviewing others’ work. And I know when it happens, I can barely mask my cringe. I mean, someone has issues with his mother–that’s totally original and unique to any story, right? Right, guys?

Ah, pseudo-intellectual musings, how I will not miss you… But in this context by the person who runs this twitter? It is more than palatable. It is hilarious and cathartic. There is someone else out there who has suffered as I have. They understand.

Full disclosure: I used to do this… in high school.

And the female version of this post where the writer tells us the character is flawed because she’s clumsy. Oh, and she’s fairly plain, but every boy in the tri-country area wants to date her for some reason.

Ah, yes, the evils of technology. Tell me more about your vintage typewriter while you check your blog and twitter accounts.

Get it? Because he was reading it while drinking coffee because he’s sophisticated. Why do they never think to use a coaster or print another copy to turn in?

I’ve seen this one in action, too. Stream of consciousness writing has its place… Which is no where near me.

Anyway, I’ve added a lot of snarky commentary, but the person running the twitter account really knows what she’s doing. She has that type of person in an MFA program pegged.

So you should give her a follow on both accounts.


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