Twitter Tuesday: @Nihilist_Arbys

Arby’s catches a lot of flack for being a sub-par fast food restaurant. In reality, it isn’t any worse or any better than every other fast food chain out there, but thanks to Jon Stewart, geek culture really likes to rail against Arby’s while we stuff our faces full of that delicious gelatinized roast beef.

My twitter follow of the week is @Nihilist_Arbys. They take all the delightful experiences of eating at an Arby’s and mash it up against nihilistic rhetoric.

Roast beef sandwiches understand me when no one else does.

@Nihilist_Arby’s understands this.

Although, I will allow that sometimes this twitter can be very harsh and sometimes lackluster in their approach. In truth, I think I picked some of the more clever tweets.

That’s why I also offer as a pallet cleanser: Nihilisa Frank

The bright colors of Lisa Frank seem to accentuate the nothingness and meaninglessness put forth by nihilistic rhetoric.

But that’s okay…Because the colors make it okay or cause your retinas to burn.

So don’t feel bad.


Thoughts or Questions?

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