Twitter Tuesday: @broodingYAHero

And welcome to another Twitter Tuesday… Hopefully scheduled appropriately on Tuesday, this time.

Today’s featured account is @broodingYAHero.

This account offers us a glimpse into the most misunderstood character in all young adult literature: The Brooding and Mysterious Teenage Hero. The audience gets to follow Broody McHottiepants on his journey through twitter as he makes observations about the genre in which he finds himself trapped.

Indeed it is, Broody, indeed it is.

Broody brings up a good point… Why does this never happen in real life?

Ah, yes, the “Snape” or “Loki” syndrome… Where clearly the character is the most evil thing that ever eviled, but really they’re just a misunderstood woobie who needs love. They’ll change. You, with the power of love, can change them.

Just ignore the warning signs.

No, really. It’ll all be fine.

Creatively Carrie operates the twitter account. She has a great ability to hone in on overused YA Tropes that I think all of us would like a lot more if they were used a lot less.

So go give her a follow. It might help you think twice before you delve too deeply into the brooding side of your YA hero.


Thoughts or Questions?

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