Twitter Tuesday: @NightValeRadio

I think I’ve got Tuesdays down now. Maybe. Who knows, really.

But this Tuesday, if it is indeed Tuesday, seems like the best time to introduce you to @NightValeRadio the official Welcome To Night Vale mouthpiece on twitter.

If you don’t already know about Welcome to Night Vale, then strap in my lovelies and prepare for an unsettling journey.

To be brief, Welcome to Night Vale is a bi-monthly podcast that features the goings-on of the small desert town Night Vale, USA. And while you might think, “who wants to hear about small town life, usa?” A few minutes into any podcast will tell you there is something strange about this particular small town. And the accompanying twitter only solidifies that uneasy feeling.

That…doesn’t sound right.

Sometimes hard truths get dropped.

Really hard truths that tend to strike at fundamental cores of beings.

They couldn’t possibly know that…Could they?

Well, as long as you’re honest, I suppose.

That’s…not comforting at all.

I swear it’s like they’re in my brain.

But in all seriousness, Welcome to Night Vale is like if the Twilight Zone and Winesburg, Ohio by Sherwood Anderson had a love child. It is wonderfully macabre, but light and playful at the same time. This weird mixture of rhetoric serves to confound and draw in Night Vale’s audience, making it worth a follow.


Thoughts or Questions?

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